Project Development

When considering the development of a new power generation facility, selecting the right technology, capacity and site is crucial to project success. We help you with this critical early phase development — from identifying the project site to developing a preliminary project plan and projecting the long-term viability of the facility.


We support developers and utilities with an eye toward the pragmatic, helping you meet stakeholder demands, regulatory requirements and shifting consumer needs, all while maximizing the technical and economic viability of the project. We can:

  • Identify and evaluate potential sites.
  • Develop project plans, schedules and budgets, including project development, generation interconnection, permitting, and project execution activities.
  • Coordinate technology assessments with in-house engineering and construction knowledge.
  • Prepare preliminary site plans.
  • Incorporate available transmission capacity and congestion risk.
  • Coordinate permitting requirements.


Our consultants understand the complete development process and coordinate with resources throughout the company to bring together the right specialists from every phase of a project, from engineering, procurement and construction to permitting and grid interconnection. Our teams bring a wealth of experience with developing projects throughout the world and can help with assessing existing infrastructure, constructability and accessibility, interconnection risks, environmental risks, and other key development considerations. Our consultants:

  • Have project development experience and know the pitfalls that can occur during execution, and how to find and mitigate those challenges during development.
  • Include engineers, financial analysts, environmental scientists and more, drawing from a complete portfolio of skills and experiences to provide a comprehensive approach to your project.