Owner's Engineer Services

Every project is critical to your business. When adding new projects to your portfolio, selecting an experienced owner’s engineer provides you with a partner who works alongside you as an extension of your staff.

Developing a new project requires a great deal of coordination and planning, the most important of which may be building a trustworthy relationship with the designers and project managers involved. As market trends demand more project delivery options, owners will potentially seek advice and representation throughout their procurement, design and construction processes.

With everything that happens throughout a project, it can be hard for your staff to know if the results you’re getting are in keeping with the terms of your contract. The use of an owner’s engineer allows you to gain the experience of a team of project managers and engineers who work alongside you as a direct extension of your staff. Contracting with an owner’s engineer provides you with a team who works on your behalf, reviewing the overall project progress, processes and scheduling from start to finish.


An owner's engineer (OE) fills any gaps in knowledge or experience at your organization. As your OE, our team’s services are designed to do just that, protecting the organization and confirming that results of a given project will meet contract requirements and expectations. Services we provide as your owner’s engineer include:

  • Reviewing and normalizing proposals for contractors, suppliers and vendors.
  • Supporting contract negotiations.
  • Performing technology reviews.
  • Reviewing key studies and agreements to confirm accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Evaluating engineering and design information.
  • Developing scope and specification documents to optimize project results.
  • Reviewing project schedules and budgets.
  • Helping with RFIs, NCRs, RCAs and other technical issues during project execution.
  • Reviewing overall project design elements such as site conditions and engineered elements.
  • Providing construction management and monitoring for the project through equipment inspections, materials delivery and installation.


True partnerships lead to successful projects. At 1898 & Co. we bring experienced and innovative leaders to your work, who go above and beyond the specific needs of a particular job and always with safety in mind. Our team has worked as owner’s engineer on more than 200 projects, totaling more than 100,000 megawatts of capacity. We build long-term relationships as our people — engineers, architects, construction professionals, scientists and more — become valued extensions of your own teams. It’s a point of pride that our clients find it difficult to tell the difference between an 1898 & Co. employee and one of their own. And that’s no surprise, considering that we, as employee-owners, carry the commitment of ownership: We succeed when you do. Our consultants will:

  • Review all project contracts and scope to design services that are cost-effective and specifically tailored to meet the needs of your project, organization, contract and scope.
  • Assemble a team of specialists with the background and experience to help you reach the final project goal.
  • Actively partner with you to facilitate successful project completion.