Capital Project Definition

Identifying the capital outlays you’ll need for a project requires a thorough analysis of your goals, current assets and priorities. At the same time, you don’t need a scope of work and cost estimate that’s over-engineered and built from the ground up. At 1898 & Co., we provide a right-sized approach, giving you an accurate cost estimate so you can rapidly assess multiple business cases and build consensus and trust with key internal and/or external stakeholders on the path forward.


We support your plan with a range of tools and methodologies that identify and prioritize your capital needs, then build sound business cases that clearly communicate the opportunity with key stakeholders. We assist you in the early, pre-engineering stage of project evaluation with optimized and accurate scopes of work using small teams and fast delivery. Our consultants understand the full range of refinery configurations, process technologies and utilities. Our team can:

  • Offer tailored solutions to support decisions at all levels: planning and engineering, budgeting, C-suite, board, and commission/regulatory.
  • Leverage our deep asset knowledge to create a sound case that aligns with your strategic goals.
  • Provide life cycle analysis, cost- and risk-based planning and options development, giving you a well-formed, sound plan.
  • Consider a capital plan approach that incorporates your company’s sustainability goals.


Our consultants come from the industry, bringing practical experience to the table that generates real-world insights, pragmatic advice and highly actionable recommendations. Our consultants:

  • Work across teams to bring together experienced specialists for constructability checks, plot space assessments and cost estimations as needed.
  • Bring a complete suite of power generation and oil, gas and chemical specialists who can offer a clear path to decarbonizing your business.
  • Understand your priorities, including safety, environmental concerns, regulatory compliance and stakeholder insights.
  • Are experienced with the latest methodologies, including optimization algorithms, geospatial visualizations and simulations to provide a holistic assessment of each project.