Capital Asset Planning

Planning for capital assets demands balancing the short-term and long-term needs of all infrastructure stakeholders given an unknown and uncertain future. You need data-driven insights that are practical and actionable, with business justification. You need offerings that align tactical investments to long-term strategic goals and the flexibility and scalability to adjust those plans as business realities evolve. We help a range of providers — big and small — develop actionable plans that map out capital investments in a way that can be easily translated for key stakeholders.


completed integrated resource plans


in grid investment justifications

Our Services

Enterprise Energy Reviews

Our targeted approach to identifying and prioritizing energy intensity reduction opportunities across your enterprise empowers you to focus investments for maximum return quickly and effectively.

Investment Plan Development

We deliver automated project identification and justification using our proprietary software, AssetLens, to develop optimized investment portfolios for aging infrastructure, reliability, resilience and electrification.

Investment Road Mapping

We develop a capital efficiency strategy that focuses on total return to optimize the deployment of capital investments and provide an actionable pathway to achieve business goals.

Our Work