Independent Engineer & Technical Advisory

Investing in major infrastructure projects carries significant risk, which is why due diligence is such a critical part of the purchase process. To assess a project’s viability, investors need a substantial — and often swift — review. Whether it’s technical, commercial or financial, 1898 & Co. can bring the right team together to complete a comprehensive assessment.


We assist clients in identifying risks associated with asset acquisitions, divestments and equity investments. From contractual reviews to financial model assessments, our team assists a range of clients to:

  • Develop a comprehensive risk assessment that is detailed, thorough and delivered quickly.
  • Assess a potential investment’s performance by conducting technical, contractual, environmental and financial model reviews.
  • Gain a holistic view of the investment by highlighting risks, reviewing its history, validating financial models and offering recommendations to mitigate threats.
  • Create bankable key findings reports for lenders and field follow-up questions.
  • Testify with regulators.


When you work with 1898 & Co., you have access to consultants with broad, deep and pragmatic industry experience. Our consultants understand the operational, environmental and economical aspects of energy assets, which means assessing risk from every angle. Our consultants have:

  • A background in energy assets (including oil, gas and chemicals), power generation and transmission, using vast experience to evaluate potential risks.
  • Significant experience working with lenders and regulatory agencies.
  • The ability to help clients make holistic, informed investment decisions that consider all factors.
  • Access to peers with a broad and deep skill set, including operations, project development, commercial experience and more.