ESG Transaction Advisory

Environmental stewardship, social impact and climate change are among the most significant issues of our time. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) evaluations will support lenders and investors, helping them understand these complex issues while increasing transparency and accountability in projects and transactions. Investors and lenders are required to make informed investment decisions and can be accountable for responsible investment. An experienced ESG due diligence and transactions adviser can provide an understanding of the environmental and social risk when undertaking mergers and acquisitions.


All companies are susceptible to the costs and liabilities of environmental and social risk when undertaking mergers and acquisitions. Lenders and investors are factoring ESG risk into their decision-making process, increasing confidence by improving risk management and market transparency. By identifying and quantifying ESG risk and the process by which it is being managed, you can gain an enhanced view of corporate risk and strengthen your investment appraisals and due diligence process. We help assess:

  • Project finance (developer and lender technical and environmental adviser).
  • Environmental and social due diligence.
  • Environmental and social risk appraisal and compliance reviews against safeguard policies of major lending institutions, including the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation Performance Standards.
  • Environmental and social regulatory compliance.
  • Environmental liability assessment.
  • Construction and operations oversight, environmental and social monitoring, and audits.


We take a risk-based approach to analyzing ESG factors during transactions. With in-depth global experience, we have helped many lender and investor clients move forward with successful business transactions using an informed and sustainable process. Our consultants provide deep knowledge across many sectors and regulatory regions, bringing operational experience and innovative solutions to your transaction. Our teams complete a holistic assessment by analyzing:

  • Environmental impact, including effluents and waste, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, resilience, climate change, water impacts, deforestation, land use, biodiversity, energy efficiency, and responsibly sourced material.
  • Social impact, including responsible employment, occupational health and safety, health and well-being, inclusion and diversity, accessibility, community development, and customer satisfaction.
  • Governance, including how well the company that runs an asset is managed, along with labor practices, procurement practices, corruption, governance, transparency and accounting practices.