Response & Recovery

As cyberthreats have increased in volume, scale and sophistication, it’s clear that an incident is inevitable — even for those with specialized monitoring protection. However, owners and operators understand that just because an incident is inevitable, damage and fallout can be minimized.


We leverage our deep experience with critical infrastructure and cybersecurity to develop a specialized plan to protect your critical assets. Our team:

  • Delivers thorough upfront incident preparedness activities to document contacts, procedures, most valuable assets and network architecture that enables a more efficient and effective response.
  • Provides 24/7/365 incident response (remote and on-site), leveraging the outputs of the preparedness services to enhance time to response (TTR).
  • Builds plans and playbooks for specific types of incidents, such as ransomware.
  • Applies cyber-informed engineering (CIE) techniques over time to further protect critical assets.
  • If required, engages with on-staff electrical, mechanical, chemical and environmental engineers responsible for the design and construction of critical infrastructure systems. 


Our analysts, engineers and architects are highly specialized in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity and CIE, enabling us to assist at any juncture, from plan development to incident response. Our consultants:

  • Belong to a small, niche pool of professionals with deep experience in OT cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.
  • Have extensive certifications in the field of cybersecurity (CISSP, CEH, GICSP, CPP, GRID, CCE/CIE).
  • Come from within the industry, providing a specialized perspective.




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