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  • Asset condition and remaining life assessment
  • Asset decommissioning planning
  • Asset definition
  • Cost and risk-based planning
  • Options development

It’s critical to have robust tools and methodologies in place to identify your investment needs, prioritize those investments and build sound business cases. We leverage our deep asset development experience, our breadth of industry knowledge, and complex technology excellence to create a confident and defensible business position.

Our evaluations focus on your specific industry and organizational challenges. Across assets, projects and systems, our tailored solutions provide the needed business justification and perspective to support decisions at all levels — planning and engineering, budgeting, C-suite, board and commission/regulatory.

Your capital plan support is derived from a range of tools and methodologies with holistic scoring frameworks, discounted cash flow models, Monte Carlo simulation, optimization algorithms, geospatial visualization and dashboards. Your solution is built with your priorities in mind: safety, customers, savings, environmental concerns, financial standing, public stakeholders and system resiliency.

As a result, you reap actionable intelligence to answer your key questions about how much to spend and where your investment should go.

Transforming Utility Resilience

Many utility systems are at risk from extreme weather. Data analytics and computer modeling can provide clear pathways to direct new investment.

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White Paper
A Pragmatic Approach for Asset Management Planning

Strategy and planning should be at the heart of every organization. Success depends on many factors, including maintaining line of sight from organizational strategy to operational challenges.

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Case Study
Replacing 69-kV Wood Utility Poles

Salt River Project’s gas-treated wood poles had a high failure rate during high winds. Careful technical and economic analysis identified the optimal annual replacement rate to continue providing safe, reliable and affordable electric power to the region’s 2 million customers.

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White Paper
Preparing Wind Projects for the PTC Bubble

As the wind industry rapidly approaches the inevitable end of the Production Tax Credit, a significant backlog of projects is expected to come online in rapid succession. Developing, designing and building these projects will pose a major challenge to the industry.

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Business Line Lead, Capital Asset Planning

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