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Operational Intelligence


Service Offerings

  • Equipment reliability and maintenance program data design
  • Real-time monitoring and production analytics
  • Smart manufacturing planning

Operational intelligence supports operations and business decisions at a real-time pace — immediate actions based on current conditions and ongoing functions. A strong OI strategy helps you identify conditions as or before they occur, engage quickly and evolve continuous processes.

In manufacturing, supply chain logistics and other highly competitive, speed-sensitive markets, OI allows you to streamline operations and trim extra steps — and time — from your processes.

Our analytics specialists build your OI strategy to glean complex data from your equipment, communications and systems, then analyze it to produce actionable steps that help you monitor conditions and predict potential challenges.

Case Study
Operational Data Gaps Resolved with an OSIsoft PI Software Solution

A Midwest-based independent power producer and supplier was seeing discrepancies between energy output of wind turbines and the energy available to be sold to customers. To effectively track outages and improve communications with consumers, a new software solution was implemented that created operational efficiencies across the board.

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Using Asset Framework to Transform Data Into Operational Intelligence

Using Asset Framework from OSIsoft PI System can help contextualize and visualize data to inform strategic operational decisions and capital spending.

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