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Service Offerings

  • Cloud application readiness
  • Data analytics and modeling
  • Network design and system integration
  • Security planning
  • Strategy development
  • Technology selection

The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers a wealth of data from sensors across asset networks. Businesses across industries must determine how that data can be applied to unlock meaningful opportunities for efficiency and value.

Your IoT strategy begins with selecting the right sensors for your operation and developing a sound deployment plan. Our professionals apply their diverse experience in selecting and securing communications networks, evaluating installation strategies and establishing a data analysis program to reveal actionable, data-driven business decisions.

Our consulting team helps you build your budget case and connect elements of your business to enable better data to support decisions. We link your corporate objectives to operations activities, identifying opportunities to accelerate solutions and explore new programs.

Cloud initiatives often come with corporate concerns about data security and vendor restrictions. Our assessments are always vendor-agnostic, focused on finding the optimal solutions for your operation. We guide you through the development of secure systems and smooth migrations that establish a sound foundation for your data structures that will support future flexibility and agility. Our team also helps you integrate corporate-level IoT programs with those of asset operations teams and your in-house data analytics professionals.

Practical Industrial IoT (i/IoT) Implementations

Industrial, energy and utility organizations can use i/IoT systems to understand the condition of assets in the field and begin predicting conditions that will require maintenance and replacement. By enabling faster, more agile responses to market conditions, i/IoT data helps focus your strategies on modernization, reliability and meeting customer demand.

IoT isn’t new for asset owners; SCADA and ICS systems have monitored and controlled devices for decades. But with the increased availability of network and cloud computing resources along with the declining cost of sensors, more data than ever is at our fingertips in near real time. Our team understands the multifaceted nature of IoT frameworks — evaluating sensor selections, connectivity, sensor management, data warehousing, and security platforms — that will give you the opportunity to gain these advantages.

The IoT value chain culminates in the ability to communicate the actionable insights you’ve gained that speak to your corporate leaders. Our analytics professionals have the data science experience to establish your ability to distill the data from your systems into the foundation for business decisions.

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