The transportation industry faces increasing demands to improve mobility with cost-effective solutions. Taking advantage of modern approaches to managing infrastructure will allow transportation owners and operators to improve performance and extend longevity of assets while unlocking value creation.

Our team understands the evolution happening within the transportation industry as well as the opportunities that await. From organizational assessments to strategic asset management plans, we develop a vision to advance business initiatives. As a part of Burns & McDonnell and its more than 120 years of engineering experience, our consultants bring an understanding of both your digital and physical infrastructure. Our multidisciplinary teams support a wide range of engagements, including the development of transportation electrification business cases, enhanced cybersecurity programs and custom spatial applications.

Let’s turn data into action to unlock value across your organization.

Our Work




Our Services

Analytics & Business Intelligence

We deliver data analytics and business intelligence that is useful, intuitive and actionable, within the context of your industry.

Architecture & Infrastructure

We break down data silos, address data quality challenges and organize via architecture and infrastructure focused on accessibility for analytics and visualization.

Business Case Assessment

We use proven methodology to deliver accurate, timely assessments, examining macro and micro trends to create solutions-focused reports based on market experience.

Business Outcome Solutions

We help establish comprehensive operational technology (OT) cybersecurity programs that mitigate risk, protect investment and anticipate future needs.

Cybersecurity Executive Advisory Services

Our executive advisory services help you expand and manage your cyber programs in concert with broader business goals, seamlessly integrating with operations.

Design, Protect, Optimize

We support your critical infrastructure cybersecurity needs with design, protection and optimization services through all stages of your cybersecurity journey.

Emerging Energy Advisory

We understand the challenges facing providers navigating the pressures of shifting consumer demands in the face of emerging sources of energy.

Enterprise Technology

Optimize your digital investments that support capital project delivery and operational platforms, such as geospatial and asset management systems.

Process & Performance Management

Our technical specialists guide owner/operators of critical infrastructure assets in evolving operations to enhance performance, optimize processes and commit to continuous improvement.