About Us

1898 & Co. turns business and technology insights into action for critical infrastructure industries.

Our Mission

We’re defined by our people — tenacious problem-solvers who understand the complexity of our clients’ businesses, the trends impacting their industries and the need to ground big ideas in operational realities.

We believe solutions need to work in the real world, not just exist on the drawing board. That’s why our approach is practical, human-centered, and rooted in real-world experience.

Our multidiscipline project teams are purpose-built to meet you where you are and create sustainable growth during a time of rapid change. With deep experience across physical and digital infrastructure, we turn data into action that drives smarter decision-making and maximizes value.

Our name is inspired by our legacy, when two visionaries launched Burns & McDonnell in 1898 to build stronger communities by improving infrastructure. Rooted in that legacy, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver transformative business insights coupled with leading technology capabilities.

1898 & Co. is possibilities powered by experience.

Our Story

For years, multidisciplinary teams inside Burns & McDonnell have come together to support clients and engineering and construction teams with strategic insight, technological know-how and financial experience.

We provided analysis and insight. We made projects more efficient and cost-effective. We balanced innovation with pragmatism. We delivered stunning results. And our clients wanted more of it.

As our capabilities expanded, we formalized our efforts and, in 2019, we launched 1898 & Co. as a business and technology consultancy for the asset-intensive industries that Burns & McDonnell serves. Since then, we’ve built a global team of consultants that bring diverse experience and unique perspectives to solve our clients’ most complex problems.We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to show up every day and make a difference for our clients and communities.

Our People

At 1898 & Co., we come from a wide range of backgrounds, each bringing our unique perspectives and experiences to the table. But we share certain traits as well. Work with us and here’s what you’ll find:

Tenacious problem-solvers

We are energized by new, untried and significant challenges. We make things happen. We leverage the latest tools, technologies and best practices to create action and traction in the face of ambiguity. ​

Unselfish collaborators

We proactively walk the talk to create bigger opportunities through sharing, communication and candidness. We are energy givers who maintain a broader view of success, prioritizing others’ needs and goals as well as our own. ​

Curious seekers

We are committed to personal and professional growth. We never stop learning. Our curious minds are willing to take strategic risks. We thrive on diverse perspectives, opinions and experiences. ​ 


We are confident and willing to take any project to the next level. Even if the odds are against us, we find a way. We persist, adapt and overcome.

Get to Know Us

We are a dynamic growing team focused on helping our clients be successful.  Learn more about who we are and the unique backgrounds that we bring to every project.

Explore Further

Social Responsibility

Because we help build the future, we’re committed to making it better. As part of Burns & McDonnell, we are helping the company continue to move forward. From supporting our people and our communities to making the world more sustainable together, we’re smarter, stronger and more successful.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alliance team — full of passionate individuals and leaders — has governed our efforts to grow and thrive in this space. These are the pillars that align us and guide our evolving journey.


With every project, we embrace opportunities to address the world’s biggest challenges with sustainable solutions. Learn more in our Corporate Sustainability Report, informed by Global Reporting Initiative Standards.