Cyber Optimization Services

As cybersecurity continues to rank as a top business risk, companies recognize the need to continuously assess cybersecurity programs for ongoing optimization and maximize their effectiveness against the evolving threat landscape. We work with industry-leading technology providers to help you integrate leading capabilities designed to support your ongoing operations and protect against new threats as they emerge, all while balancing your investments to focus on delivering the most value for your system.


We work with clients at any stage of cybersecurity maturity to assess ways to optimize systems. We can:

  • Provide regular assessments at various stages in the life cycle.
  • Measure and monitor security investments and optimize continuously from a risk- and threat-informed perspective.
  • Design access control systems to predefine approved IP communications across Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices.
  • Establish secure network connections using VPNs or tunneling.
  • Embed certificates within IIoT devices to establish trust.


Our consultants approach cybersecurity optimization with a holistic view, understanding the role it plays from a business, technological and industry perspective. Our consultants:

  • Work with clients to assess their systems through a pragmatic lens, ensuring their investments are continually measured and monitored.
  • Engage collaboratively, offering training, product road maps and any other services clients need to optimize their networks.
  • Continually keep abreast of emerging trends, technologies and industry shifts that may impact reliability.

Managed Security Services

1898 & Co. Managed Security Services keeps you focused on your responsibilities — and confident your operations and information are secure and resilient. Combining always‑on services with 24/7 support, we can help you reduce on‑site staffing levels without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring or incident response capabilities.