Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Unfortunately, no organization can guarantee immunity to a cyberattack. That said, an assessment that’s aggressively comprehensive can identify threats, risks and vulnerabilities to be mitigated.


As we work with you to assess your threats, risks and vulnerabilities, our consultants help you understand the severity level and the potential ramifications.

We work with your cybersecurity leaders to:

  • Conduct GAP or maturity assessments to identify and understand risks, scrubbing current state against desired state — and industry peers.
  • Develop a mitigation road map to reduce risks and vulnerabilities and strengthen security.
  • Offer budget and resource recommendations, aligning your plan with industry benchmarks.
  • Offer varieties of operational technology penetration testing, including red teaming and purple teaming.
  • Examine existing risk to help you understand how risks apply to your critical infrastructure environment.
  • Help address risk to meet standards, including ISA/IEC 62443, NIST, NERC CIP and CIS Controls.


At 1898 & Co., our consultants have deep industry knowledge and understand the specific challenges you face, whether you work in energy, maritime, renewables, water, manufacturing or transportation. Our consultants:

  • Bring you a combination of skills — technical, business and industry-specific — that empower translation of vulnerabilities for a range of audiences.
  • Understand the business and economic needs to mitigate risk, from reducing insurance premiums to meeting state regulatory demands.
  • Possess significant experience working with a range of organizations, from huge maritime ports to small energy facilities.

Managed Security Services

1898 & Co. Managed Security Services keeps you focused on your responsibilities — and confident your operations and information are secure and resilient. Combining always‑on services with 24/7 support, we can help you reduce on‑site staffing levels without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring or incident response capabilities.



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