Cybersecurity Executive Advisory Services

Chief security executives face a particularly daunting challenge: simultaneously navigating the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and the demands of strategic management to maintain system reliability and operations. Our executive advisory consultants help you grow and manage your cyber programs in concert with broader business goals.

To be successful, cyber programs need to seamlessly integrate into the way you do business. Our services are designed to take a comprehensive review of your organization and provide you with a detailed understanding of current risks and vulnerabilities, compliance with industry standards and regulations, as well as a road map to support continued operations. Our services include:


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Our Services

Cyber Program Services

We design, assess, monitor and expand a comprehensive cybersecurity program aimed at improving defenses, enhancing maturity and aligning with overall business objectives.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services

We identify threats, enterprise risks and vulnerabilities to your OT systems and develop actionable mitigation plans to keep your systems safe and operational.

Cybersecurity Training Services

We’ve developed, launched and provide a comprehensive, industry-specific cybersecurity training program for cyber defenders.

Managed Security Services

1898 & Co. Managed Security Services keeps you focused on your responsibilities — and confident your operations and information are secure and resilient. Combining always‑on services with 24/7 support, we can help you reduce on‑site staffing levels without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring or incident response capabilities.

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