Critical Function Risk Mitigation

Identifying and protecting the critical function of a company is paramount in today’s cyberthreat landscape. At 1898 & Co., we combine consequence-driven, cyber-informed engineering (CCE) experience with your skilled and experienced professionals to identify high-consequence events that could pose a risk to your critical functions. Once these are identified, we help facilitate a process by which to make recommendations on engineering or operational approaches to mitigate the risks identified.


At 1898 & Co., we help you identify, plan and deploy risk mitigation strategies to protect the most critical functions driving your infrastructure assets. Our specialized experience helps you understand those high-consequence events that — under any circumstances — cannot fail. Our team can:

  • Identify and prioritize the potential high-consequence events you may face.
  • Develop a timing and sequencing strategy for deployment.
  • Understand how the operational technology and information technology sides may interact and impact each other.


Our team of consultants has deep experience in this innovative approach to risk mitigation. We bring a powerful blend of industry, technological, operational and business knowledge to each challenge. Our consultants:

  • Work on sensitive projects with high security clearances.
  • Are part of a small ecosystem of professionals who are called on to do this work across both public and private sectors.
  • Understand how critical infrastructure facilities are designed, built and operated.
  • Understand that risk is a spectrum and starts with asset degradation.
  • Adopt a pragmatic approach that protects your assets while meeting your business goals.

Managed Security Services

1898 & Co. Managed Security Services keeps you focused on your responsibilities — and confident your operations and information are secure and resilient. Combining always‑on services with 24/7 support, we can help you reduce on‑site staffing levels without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring or incident response capabilities.



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