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Owners and operators of critical infrastructure need security capabilities that reach beyond information technology. You need solutions that consider both IT and operational technology, whether you’re managing risk or monitoring networks. At 1898 & Co., we partner with clients to establish comprehensive OT cybersecurity programs, from setup to integration, that mitigate your risk, protect your investments and anticipate next-generation needs and responses. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to deliver solutions, training and support that are specific to your unique challenges.

Our Services

Critical Function Risk Mitigation

We identify high-consequence events that pose a risk to critical functions and facilitate a process to incorporate engineering and operational recommendations to mitigate risks.

OT Network & Communications Monitoring

Deployment of continuous monitoring and detection strategies uncovers visibility and awareness of your operational technology networks.

Secure Remote Access

We develop comprehensive solutions to provide remote access to critical infrastructure and protect these highly vulnerable entry points.

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Automation across a range of tasks and security-related activities allows cybersecurity teams to stay focused and confident.

Zero Trust Security: Identity & Access Management

Deterministic design is enforced as we architect, design and deploy a zero trust environment.

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