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Distribution Planning


Service Offerings

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) planning
  • Grid modernization studies and standards development
  • Harmonics analysis
  • Long-range master plans
  • Model creation
  • Reliability modeling and studies
  • Volt/VAR optimization

Electric utilities face a rapid evolution of the technologies that support grid stability, interconnections and infrastructure. Our distribution planning consultants help you align your plans with shifting customer demand and growing distributed energy resources (DER).

To enable a strong, smart and sustainable grid, we apply a holistic approach to your planning process, using data to address reliability concerns, renewable generation, electrification growth and decarbonization mandates.

We help you develop your path and process to manage your systems and assets. We apply market experience and technology tools that address detailed interconnection tasks like time-series, flicker and islanding analysis. Our team also examines market forecasts to solve for the unknowns of automation trends and third-party market participation.

Case Study
Optimizing Capital Expenditures Through Asset Health Analytics

A multinational consumer goods company needed a way to better inform its capital investment decisions. The answer would combine its extensive facility/asset base and systems of record into one universal dataset using a new software solution.

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White Paper
Grid Modernization: Changing the Way the Grid’s Future Is Planned

The way we consume electricity is changing, placing demands on the electric distribution grid that its creators never envisioned. To address evolving needs, the grid is in need of transformation. Yesterday’s grid planning methods must yield to holistic, data-driven distribution planning to optimize the investments of limited capital resources into grid infrastructure and maximize the effectiveness of transformative technologies.

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White Paper
Grid Architecture: Crossing the Chasm Between Concept and Implementation

Today’s technology is disrupting the edge of the grid. As the flow of power moves in multiple directions and the edge of the grid blurs, it becomes apparent that grid design will need to change to meet future needs.

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Case Study
Reimagining the Electric Grid

The world’s electrical needs are evolving — the electric distribution grid must evolve with them. Entergy is using a bold new holistic planning process to jump-start this transformation.

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White Paper
A Tool for Modernizing the Grid

Patience has long been a virtue of those interested in connecting their distributed energy resources (DER) to the grid. Approval for these projects has been slow, with utilities lacking ways to identify feasibility and costs for interconnections. Hosting capacity analyses can solve for these challenges.

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