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Service Offerings

  • Energy performance
  • Fault detection and diagnostics
  • Operational and sustainability analytics
  • Predictive maintenance

Your facilities are critical to the production of goods and services; they provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment for employees and clients. Leveraging existing data with an analytics environment will maximize the value of your facility by providing a sustainable approach to optimizing the performance, effectiveness and utilization of your long-term investment.

Maximizing Facility Value

Facility intelligence employs a data analytics environment to create opportunities for proactive decision-making, enabling stakeholders to leverage the insights gained from their energy, facility and business domains. Converging these domains has the potential to unlock value and empower positive, impactful and sustainable data-driven decisions that protect investments in facilities.

Inside the Analytics Environment

Our model-based platform to collect, store, analyze and visualize facilities intelligence data is fed by the equipment, systems and web services that operate, measure and maintain your built environment. It monitors key performance indicators, time of use, functions and algorithms that reinforce machine learning methods to identify issues, patterns, deviations and anomalies — as well as opportunities — for operational improvements, energy optimization, space utilization and more.

Facilities intelligence can inform your optimization decisions in three primary areas:

  • Energy: Reduce energy expenses and increase efficiency. Beyond knowing when, where and how much energy the building is consuming, our energy analysis algorithms address concerns about cost allocation, effectiveness of energy conservation strategies, and benchmarking against industry peers.
  • Facilities: Streamline operations and maintenance and automatically report faulty conditions. Our fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) and predictive maintenance (PM) data processing algorithms are based on specialized knowledge, and incorporate qualitative models, decision trees and machine learning. Benefits include reduced O&M cost, streamlined O&M procedures, and early identification of equipment failure.
  • Business: Translating energy and operational performance to cost savings and risk management. Our approach and algorithms provide the foundation to drive positive business outcomes such as curbing environmental impacts, planning for facility improvements, improving vendor performance, prioritizing investments, measuring ROI and hedging risks associated with regulatory compliance.

Analytics and Visualization

Analytics is accomplished with a comprehensive set of algorithms for manipulating and analyzing the data to find patterns, issues or anomalies. Our team can custom-build algorithms to meet your specific needs or leverage our library of existing algorithms based on domain experience, observations and user stories. Our existing library includes energy profiling and forecasting, fault detection and diagnosis, predictive maintenance, functional testing, monitored based commissioning, space utilization, and condition-based maintenance.

To enable users to visually explore the analytical data and perform self-service discovery, our environment includes interactive data visualization. Whether you need to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail or interactively change what data you see and how it is processed, our powerful data visualization helps users grasp difficult concepts, identify new patterns, and optimize performance and workflow process.

Our team deploys a data analytics environment that leverages your energy, facility and business domain data to align initiatives that promote the long-term goals for your built environment. Our services span the entire facility intelligence life cycle, from feasibility and business case assessments to developing, auditing and refining the algorithms that provide critical intelligence and optimize your facility’s performance.

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