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Service Offerings

  • Asset valuations
  • Independent engineering services
  • Lenders technical advisory
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestiture due diligence

Financial and technical feasibility are the foundations of any business transaction. What you learn in due diligence confirms your business case to capture opportunities available in your industry. A techno-economic assessment is part of our framework for analyzing risk for transactions under consideration, be they mergers, asset acquisitions, divestitures or financing.

We help you identify risks and the range of potential outcomes with a structured and disciplined approach that considers critical inputs such as operating performance, project schedules and budgets, tied directly to your financial model.

Evaluate Feasibility From All Angles

We provide an independent, unbiased view as we examine the technical, market, economic, regulatory and third-party aspects of a project; we assess their impact on project costs and schedule. As you consider major investments, our nimble approach gives you a 360-degree view that identifies and quantifies the potential risks, threats and mitigation strategies that support your decisions.

White Paper
Is Your Renewable Diesel Project Sustainable?

For organizations looking to develop, construct and commission a new renewable diesel plant, it’s important to understand the various market conditions at play to avoid poorly made investments and the pitfalls of lost future opportunities.

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White Paper
Finding a New, Cost-Effective Strategy for Benzene Conversion

Benzene compliance regulations established in 2007 required to introduce new processes into their plants, increasing costs and reducing margins. Today, new dynamics may favor different benzene control solutions that have the potential to comply with regulations at a lower overall cost.

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Profit Recovery Through Optimized Performance

The chemicals, oil and gas industry faces constant challenges. By understanding profit recovery, organizations can optimize for future disruptions.

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Finding Sustainability in Today’s Chemicals, Oil and Gas Market

Investors are putting capital in projects that promise carbon efficiency. In chemicals, oil and gas, this means finding new product delivery options.

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Making the Case for Energy Storage

Utilities are currently evaluating when it makes sense to invest in energy storage. But there are many variables to consider. Isolating potential use cases and then comparing economic trade-offs will indicate when energy storage is justified.

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