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  • Asset inventory
  • Business outcome solutions
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Incident response
  • Secure system design and implementation
  • Training

Digital connectivity is here to stay, regardless of industry. Critical infrastructure companies are part of this digital revolution.

Emerging technologies, such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and more, enable the growth and transformation of industrial companies in unexpected, dynamic ways. Digitalization has tremendous potential to deliver shareholder, customer and environmental value.

With increased access to data, digital innovations allow organizations to make better decisions. Taking advantage of the capabilities and information can enable competitive advantage, but it also exposes your organization to new threats.

Cyber Resiliency for Critical Infrastructure Businesses

Your business depends on resilient operations and workforce safety. You need a partner that knows critical infrastructure facilities, is familiar with the evolving threats and risks you face, and is a steady hand navigating ever-evolving regulatory challenges.

Risk management and resiliency for critical infrastructure environments is all about safety and reliable operations. We manage risk and achieve resiliency using a three-pronged approach that balances regulatory compliance, system reliability and cyber risk management. Our team integrates consultants experienced in all three areas. Our focus is on improving the safety, security and reliability of the world’s critical infrastructure. We deliver people, process and technology that enable risk and resiliency, preparedness and situational awareness.

Safeguarding Critical Operations With CCE

Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) can be your next step in planning and implementing remediation and protection measures needed in today’s rapidly evolving threat environment.
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As we work with you to examine your critical infrastructure cybersecurity program, we emphasize:

  • Improved risk visibility
  • Advanced protection and detection
  • Opportunities for automation
  • Response and recoverability plans

Mind the Gap: Resilience Goes Beyond Compliance

Critical infrastructure industries are implementing connectivity and data systems that open them up to new threats that require cybersecurity mitigations.
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Creating Balance Between Cyber Risk & Asset Protection

Our team knows that protecting your assets is a balancing act by weighing what’s right for the business, managing your risks and deploying solutions that let you focus on your core business. Our highly experienced consultants help you strategize, design, implement and operate a cybersecurity program that balances your business goals, budget and risk tolerance. We are a force multiplier for your organization, your program and your workforce, and we will help you establish your culture for resiliency.

Case Study
Balancing Cybersecurity and Production in the Oil and Gas Industry

Cyberattacks are often successful due to security lapses caused by internal shortcuts. In order to find vulnerabilities and offer remedies, 1898 & Co. analyzed the systemwide architecture and field deployments of a global energy company determined to shore up its cybersecurity.

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Plugging Cybersecurity Leaks

As utilities try to mitigate evolving cyber risks, the plan starts with a comprehensive maturity assessment and gap analysis of IT and OT systems.

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Vulnerability Assessments Create Road Map for Cybersecurity

Vulnerability assessments can insure against evolving threats. They identify assets and detect openings to cyberthreats via a systematic look at IT networks.

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Increase Confidence With Cybersecurity Commissioning

Building commissioning is standard practice across many industries, but cybersecurity commissioning is fast becoming more important in a data-driven world.

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Alert Calls for Action to Secure Critical Infrastructure OT Systems

The recently issued joint alert from NSA and CISA urges operators of critical infrastructure facilities to secure their operational technology (OT) systems.

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