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You’re laser-focused on your business. Your critical infrastructure, your workforce and your brand are critical to your business. When it comes to protecting critical assets and people, your partner must understand your facilities, know the threats you face and be familiar with your business model. To manage risk, you need a steady hand to navigate ever-evolving standards and regulatory challenges.

Solutions That Integrate Experience, Balance Risk

We know managing risk for critical infrastructure companies means deploying mitigating controls to avoid health or safety damage, unplanned disruptions or product losses as a result of cyber incidents. Our team helps you align, design, develop, implement and operate a program that fits with your business goals, budget and risk tolerance.

Our team blends extensive cross-industry background with wide-ranging experience in cybersecurity, risk management and compliance to protect your critical assets and maintain reliability so you can remain focused on what matters most.

White Paper
Presenting the Value of Effective Risk Management

Risk management programs, with business-aligned key performance metrics, demonstrate a return on investment that all executives can get behind. When the chief information security officer of an organization successfully makes a case for the return on investment of a risk management program, the entire organization benefits.

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Mind the Gap: Resilience Goes Beyond Compliance

Critical infrastructure industries are implementing connectivity and data systems that open them up to new threats that require cybersecurity mitigations.

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White Paper
Executive Order Adds Momentum to Mitigation of Cyberthreats to U.S. Power Industry

In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks in recent years, the U.S. utility industry has responded with an array of strategies designed to reduce and eliminate vulnerabilities to increasingly digitized systems. Now, with the recent issuance of an executive order from President Donald Trump, utilities will expand this effort to other assets touching the bulk electric system.

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Bridging the Gap: Benefits of a Business Continuity Plan

Risk is a constant. Preparing for disruptions is difficult, but a business continuity plan can help an organization stay afloat during and after an event.

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