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  • Agile solution development
  • Application management
  • Cloud and mobile application modernization
  • Design workshops
  • Rapid prototyping

Today’s business environment is powered by various software platforms, each designed to provide wide ranges of business optimization functionality. These software platforms provide the core digital tooling that powers broad aspects of your business. However, some business challenges do not fit well within these broad digital systems and require bespoke tools designed to optimize critical components of your operations.

Poor alignment of digital tool to business need can have significant impacts on operational efficiency. When this is the case, a custom-built software solution has the potential to complement your existing software platforms by providing an efficient, purpose-built tool that addresses your unique business needs.

Each solution we create is designed to solve your identified business challenges and integrate with your existing systems. Using an agile driven development process, we capture your requirements and iteratively develop and test in a highly collaborative environment to leverage your continuous feedback and produce a solution that fits and works.

AssetLens: Enhanced Insights Mean More Effective Decisions

When capital investment decisions are on the line, you need a turnkey, cloud-based platform that gives stakeholders the tools to make effective choices with no added overhead.
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We work together with you to align software investment with your ROI expectations, seeing that the product you receive drives the right business outcome. From solutions that run on mobile devices to those that leverage the power of immense data centers, our team’s development experience focuses on building cloud-ready, secure solutions that span platforms and systems.

Our team of technology professionals possesses a deep understanding of complex industries to build effective products that make the job easier. We know your programs, assets and processes, and we understand how they work together to run your business.

Case Study
Innovative Software Solution Streamlines Cost Estimating for Entergy

As distribution system upgrades surge, utilities need a more accurate efficient, and transparent way to scope and estimate these projects. A digital cost estimating and project scoping application built for Entergy transformed a cumbersome and inefficient process into a streamlined, data-driven methodology that provides critical insights needed for developing and monitoring billion-dollar-plus capital programs.

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Making More Effective Strategic Asset Management Decisions

Effective strategic asset management decisions require using data from quantitative asset management tools to inform business decisions and capital budgets.

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Improving Effective Use of Data in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare systems may have organizational data, but harnessing it for strategic decisions is difficult. Technology solutions extract actionable information.

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Case Study
Optimizing Capital Expenditures Through Asset Health Analytics

A multinational consumer goods company needed a way to better inform its capital investment decisions. The answer would combine its extensive facility/asset base and systems of record into one universal dataset using a new software solution.

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Optimizing Capital Investment Dollars in a Challenging Environment

Traditional capital planning processes take time and require adjustments to meet business needs. AssetLens offers a new approach.

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