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Understanding Process and Performance Management

Surviving and thriving requires aligning your organization’s purpose with a systematic approach that uses processes, people and culture to drive success.

Are your employees struggling with competing priorities, limited resources and a continually evolving work environment? We solve complex people, process and culture challenges, and can help businesses unlock hidden potential. A key to success is the application of an evidence-based process and performance management methodology that aligns with a company’s unique strategic goals and objectives. Our certified practitioners are ready to leverage industry insights and leading best practices to assist companies in achieving desired results.

Process and Performance Management (PPM) is a discipline that requires the thorough understanding of Project Management (PM) and People Change Management (CM). PPM is a discipline in which organizations use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes. PPM aligns processes with an organization’s strategic goals. It identifies how work is being done currently, shows where slow gaps exist and is designed to remove barriers in order to increase a company’s bottom line. PPM establishes the right systems and metrics to help focus behavior and measure what matters.

Helping Organizations Work Smarter to Predictably Achieve Positive Results

Addressing emerging challenges requires agility and focus. PPM enhances business agility and drives strategic corporate alignment. It also boosts organizational efficiency and provides metric-driven insight into process performance. Additionally, it fosters opportunities for continuous improvement and establishes a formalized approach to critical knowledge retention.

1898 & Co., part of Burns & McDonnell, is ready to help you get started on your process and performance management journey. Guided by industry standards and our certified professionals, we align our services with the American Society for Quality and adhere to best practices outlined by the American Productivity & Quality Center.

Our industry knowledge and subject matter experience, complemented by the strength of your people, enables our team to offer your business a path to success focused in four areas:

  • Organizational Process Assessment
    Establishing a formal process framework is the foundation to a future-ready organization. To meet organizational strategic goals, it is essential to coordinate efforts that provide high-value work outcomes. We begin by first understanding your current state and evaluating your outcomes against industry best practices.
  • Process Management
    With an understanding of your organization’s current state, we will establish an approach that meets your needs. An important part of this work includes formalizing your structure, documenting key processes, training key individuals and establishing metrics for performance.
  • Process Improvement
    With the establishment of a process management program, we will demonstrate how you can equip your employees to transform their efforts into client-focused, interconnected, highly responsive, metric-driven processes. This work is fully scalable and focuses on small wins while building long-term momentum.
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
    Sustainment is key. Creating foundational knowledge and building a process-driven leadership coalition is crucial. Our team will provide on-site leadership training to complement your process management deployment, while establishing short- and long-term success goals for the journey.

Figure 1: Process management life cycle.

Figure 2: Top five business process management challenges. Source: Process and Performance Management Priorities & Challenges Survey Report, American Productivity & Quality Center.

“Eighty-five to 95% of your problems, challenges and opportunities are process issues, not people issues.”


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About 1898 & Co.

1898 & Co. is a business, technology and cybersecurity consulting firm serving the industries that keep our world in motion. As part of Burns & McDonnell, our consultants leverage global experience in critical infrastructure assets to innovate practical solutions grounded in your operational realities. For more information, visit

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