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A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Change

The value of change can be seen in new technology tools, improved processes and organizational transformations. However, it can be difficult to adapt to see those benefits. Understanding how to manage change is the first step.

Bringing Successful Outcomes to Your Projects

The pace of change across industries is rapidly increasing due to the introduction of new technologies and evolving business processes. To stay ahead in the increasingly competitive landscape, organizations need to be agile and capable of adapting to technological or process changes and transformations. Guiding your organization through these transitions in a way that allows you to see a project investment’s full return can be a challenge. Taking the time to do so, however, means your organization can improve operational efficiency, make smarter investment decisions and maximize existing asset values.

An organization with solid change management tactics is:


more likely to meet its objective


more likely to stay on schedule


more likely to stay on budget

Making Investments More Profitable

Successful outcomes cannot be unlocked by simply dropping off a solution and wishing you the best. To achieve a project’s full potential, you must consider the people and the process impacts of every project. A change management consultant can anticipate obstacles and help you execute a plan so that your organization can realize the full return on investment (ROI) of any given initiative or project.

A significant portion of a project’s ROI depends on employees embracing, adopting and using new solutions that your projects bring to the organization. A failed project means lost time, money and effort on an initiative that was unable to deliver the intended results. This is an unnecessary risk that can be mitigated with a change management plan.

Capturing that ROI by preparing, equipping and supporting individuals through their change journey as part of a whole — your organization — is the key to implementing change management.

Change Management Methodology

People are complex. For that reason, having a well-researched, structured methodology for individual change management is necessary to garner employee adoption and acceptance of your change.

Prosci offers one methodology. Prosci is a change management education and research framework that provides a holistic set of tools and methodologies to handle change management. By implementing a targeted and customized solution to your culture, group and objectives, your organization becomes change-ready from the inside out.

Build Change Enterprisewide

Today’s complex work environment means that organizations can no longer afford to invest time and energy into projects that don’t deliver the intended results. Building change capability and competency into an organization is the next step to seeing increased project ROI.

Weaving change management practices into your projects increases the likelihood of achieving your initiative or project objectives sixfold. Doing so throughout your strategic initiatives prepares your organization for future changes and ingrains this frame of mind within the company’s cultural fabric.

In enterprise change management, the entire organization is examined. Analyzing the corporate culture and structural obstacles allows for targeted adjustments to be made, creating organizational flexibility and agility. In this way, embracing new innovations becomes second nature to your organization. This kind of adaptive behavior offers you a true competitive advantage.


Moving Past the Finish Line

Only when employees fully adopt and accept the changes and impacts created by the new project has the full ROI of that project been achieved. Getting to this point means that no matter what the project delivers, your organization will continue to see benefit.

Resistance to change is normal and expected. However, resistance can be predicted and planned for — this is how change management works, and provides you with a clearer path forward to full project success.

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