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OSIsoft Services Unleash Operational Intelligence

Across all industries, data and a constant demand for more information are central components of daily decisions to reduce costs, increase maintenance efficiency, improve situational awareness and enhance capital planning. An effectively implemented and integrated OSIsoft PI System can help an organization realize higher levels of operational intelligence with tools and the resulting simplified processes.

Devices and systems that collect and store data have become highly sophisticated, providing detailed information about the inner workings of facilities and assets. However, such data can come from different, unrelated systems and devices, necessitating integration into a single accessible system that simplifies processes, illuminates insights and boosts operations.

The main strength of the OSIsoft PI System is that it can collect data from virtually any source, then store, contextualize, analyze and visualize the data, as well as deliver it in real time to the system that needs it most. The process involves bringing together the systems, data and people that are currently in place and leads to more efficient use of collected data and additional data insights.

Simplifying Operational Data

A variety of industries have recently invested heavily in data collection to streamline operations and build a better understanding of their internal systems, processes and assets. These tools, designed to use sensors to collect data in real time, empower organizations to use collected data to make better informed decisions concerning the function of facilities, assets and business as a whole.

In addition to data collection, these organizations are beginning to combine this data with other asset management, analytics and geospatial information management systems for better situational awareness and to maximize operational efficiency within a facility. Without the proper integration of these disparate systems, data collected by the organization becomes unassigned, difficult to locate and, in many ways, unusable for informing business decisions.

We collect information across your OT network infrastructure, enhance that data for both your OT and IT network infrastructures, and deliver actionable insights for key stakeholders in your business.


Asset Framework

Every organization has its own nomenclature when it comes to naming assets or labeling their functionality. With the Asset Framework, those naming conventions can now be utilized. Instead of relying on understanding the software’s cryptic naming conventions, each asset can be displayed by a name that is relevant to the organization and staff. In addition, templates can be created and easily applied to other similar assets of an asset type, making standardization and scalable deployment effective and efficient.


Connecting the dots between real‑time operating data and other information systems requires a thoughtful approach, including security considerations to properly integrate the various systems. Doing so integrates the data with the overall workflow of an organization, further simplifying operations and facilitating work management, maintenance, planning and more.

Business Intelligence

A complementary service to other 1898 & Co. offerings, business intelligence plays a huge role in informing decisionmakers of the way the business is operating and how to make operations more efficient now and in the future. The tools offered by the OSIsoft PI System provide a figurative single pane of glass through which to analyze data, clarifying the information and making it easily applicable to all business cases. A well-rounded data management process can help an organization implement a strategy to meet both business needs and technical requirements.

Operational Analytics

Real-time asset monitoring can streamline operational awareness and improve efficiency. With an accurate, real-time data stream, predictive analysis of asset health can be visually mapped throughout the facility, leading to smarter operations and maintenance. This gives organizations a way to compare those assets that are operating at full capacity with assets that are causing delays or inefficiencies in operations.

Visualization and Notification

The OSIsoft PI System offers powerful dashboarding and event notification through its PI Vision and Event Frames capabilities, in addition to its ease of integration with other platforms. By integrating seamlessly with a multitude of information management systems, such as Esri’s ArcGIS, the OSIsoft PI System offers organizations a way to increase situational awareness, reduce notification fatigue and optimize maintenance costs by providing mobile workers with access to real-time information. By creating a map of the data, workers can visualize and take the actions needed to remedy issues or work orders.

Custom Solutions

Whether an OSIsoft PI System needs to be implemented from scratch, or if there are 20 facilities that need to be upgraded and integrated, an experienced team can provide the level of knowledge and service needed for successful program implementation. Having an integrated team with engineering, security and technology experience in various industries means you have a group that isn’t just versed in how to install these products, but also understands how to operate within your industry and space to overcome your organization’s unique challenges.

Making sense of complex data can be daunting for organizations lacking the knowledge needed to organize an overwhelming amount of information. 1898 & Co., using tools like OSIsoft PI System, can provide a solution for data management with the ability to customize a fit specific to your needs and help you meet your organization’s goals.

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