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Building Capacity to Effectively Manage Change in a Dynamic Environment

Businesses, utilities and public agencies are facing historic change. Navigating projects, initiatives and priorities can be daunting, especially when organizations must address technological disruption and human resource demands. To effectively execute change management, an organization must build capacity — enabling a methodical approach to guide, support and empower employees who can deliver successful outcomes.

Projects requiring employees to change how they do their jobs, their mindset and their behaviors have become commonplace in organizations and businesses. Concurrently, management is lacking a clear line of sight, preventing sound decision making and accurate resource management. This lack of visibility and the need to reprioritize can result in delayed project execution, repeated work and wasted money and resources.

Reports of change saturation and change fatigue have grown exponentially across organizations. Executives have complained of a lack of visibility into the changes happening in all areas of their organizations — visibility that would allow them to prioritize and focus workload to prevent change saturation.

While the opportunities are unprecedented, navigating projects, initiatives and priorities can be overwhelming — especially when executives and managers lack visibility into the quantity and severity of the changes over time.

In addition to the quantity of changes, the number of change management methodologies and processes has increased, requiring a methodology-agnostic solution that allows any organization to adopt and follow through with sound change management procedures.

The cumbersome scale of change management work is prompting businesses, public agencies and utilities to pursue new tools, such as an enterprisewide or single project change management dashboard displaying change projects currently underway. These dashboard tools can identify who has engaged with important information and who is participating in trainings. Managers can also see which employees and colleagues are completing tasks and when people need support through their change journey.

Improving Change Management Outcomes

To establish a change management framework quickly and effectively, businesses, utilities and firms need a trusted partner with the right tools and resources to fully comprehend the magnitude of changes facing employees throughout the organization.

The Change Management Portfolio service will standardize your company’s change processes. Executives, managers and change practitioners work hand in glove with the 1898 & Co. team — learning new approaches and tools, developing strategies suitable for specific projects and teams, and training employees on new tools and systems.

The long-term goal of the Change Management Portfolio service is to build the necessary capacity to methodically manage change across the organization and understand the impacts of change on employees, clients and other engaged parties.

Organizational Change Readiness

Understanding the current state of an organization’s capacity to manage and execute people-centered projects effectively and efficiently is central to initiate the change journey. The Change Management Portfolio service builds on an organization’s current state before developing a strategic approach and tactical plan to foster resiliency, address organizational gaps and expand foundational change management knowledge.

Capacity Development and Training

Addressing gaps and identifying solutions requires a tailored approach. Managers and executives participating in the Change Management Portfolio service will receive highly customized trainings to establish and integrate foundational change management strategies throughout the organization. The suite of trainings includes Change Management 101, Project Management and Change, Sponsorship for Success, and Metrics that Matter.

Change Management Office

Despite unprecedented technological disruption, managing organizational change is a new domain for numerous businesses, utilities and public agencies. The Change Management Portfolio service leverages more than 60 years of experience in asset management, change management and leadership to help enterprises establish an effective Organizational Change Office (OCO). Utilizing a portfolio approach to change management, organizations can work smarter — focusing efforts on resource maximization and timing while improving outcomes and deliverables.

Change Plan Cloud-Based Platform

To effectively manage work across an enterprise, projects and tasks relating to change management should be understandable and accessible in a visual framework, such as a dashboard. These solutions make it easier to implement change in an organization by providing reports and metrics that management and executives can use for insight and strategy.

With a dynamic view of the right information, senior management can formulate data-driven decisions to establish project approvals, timelines, impacts and potential areas of risk.

About 1898 & Co.

1898 & Co. is a business, technology and cybersecurity consulting firm serving the industries that keep our world in motion. As part of Burns & McDonnell, our consultants leverage global experience in critical infrastructure assets to innovate practical solutions grounded in your operational realities.

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