Case Study

Creating Space for the Ever-Evolving Electric Utility Space

Electric utilities are adding to their traditional services — generating and delivering power — by evolving into digital enterprises that do more than protect their assets from cyberattacks. With increasing focus on electrification and decarbonization, utilities find themselves armed with copious amounts of data and need digital systems that are well-equipped to deploy diversified, critical tactics to protect networks and provide grid resilience.


Serving two million people, Salt River Project (SRP) aims to continue delivering safe, reliable, resilient and affordable energy to their customers in an ever-evolving and decentralized environment. The Organization reached out to 1898 & Co. to collaborate on their strategic approach for maximizing the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) and optimizing the associated IT/OT portfolio of projects.


1898 & Co. was able to offer comprehensive solutions that aligned with SRP's road map and supported its strategic program for modernizing the grid.

1898 & Co. assessed SRP's Enterprise Architecture (EA) and roadmap including business processes, information, applications and underlying technology infrastructure as well as the supporting cybersecurity structure and governance. Along with reviewing their strategic roadmap for distribution, 1898 & Co. also looked at SRP’s architecture role definitions and structure.

1898 & Co. documented 20 solutions, ranging from designing and implementing business architecture discipline to cybersecurity recommendations to increasing compliance with the creation and revision of project deliverables. Collectively, the team prioritized 8 solutions that SRP should focus on in the next year to optimize its technology alignment, open communication among people from various departments and support the Distribution Enablement (DE) program. 1898 & Co. is currently working with SRP on three solutions — governance evolution and integration, solution architecture implementation, and integrated standard program: We discuss each solution below.

Figure 1: Solutions and potential benefits.


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