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AssetLens Utility Usage: Holistic System Analysis With Project Identification and Justification

Value-driven transmission and distribution asset management requires informed decision-making. Holistic system analytics and robust algorithms must be designed to empower those decisions.

AssetLens is an asset investment planning solution with informed decision analysis for electrical transmission and distribution (T&D) utilities. It provides the line of sight from assets to projects to programs to overall budget levels, with quantified financial benefits to justify investment to all stakeholders.

The AssetLens analytics engine has supported electric utilities in identifying and justifying


in capital investment.

Value-based asset management starts with the decisions you make regularly. As a T&D asset owner, making effective decisions is complicated due to the magnitude of assets and the data that describes them, coupled with their geographically dispersed nature. As a result, informed, actionable and value-driven investment decisions require the following considerations:

  • How assets typically fail and the likelihood of those failure modes.
  • Condition of the assets.
  • How assets collectively serve customers and impact safe operation of the grid.
  • System replacement alternatives (surgical vs. bulk) and their cost.
  • Best practice risk- and resilience-based analytics.

AssetLens has been strategically designed to provide asset managers and stakeholders with the necessary information to make decisions that will drive organizational value.

Features Built for Quick, Effective Decision‑Making

Scalable and automated project identification: Develop automatic project scoping and cost estimation in alignment with your grid standards. Scalable to all T&D infrastructure. Users can adjust project scope by adding or removing assets.

Financial project justification: Evaluate project benefits in financial terms, including life cycle avoided reactive costs, customer outages and other business objectives.

Develop long-term investment plans: Establish long-term investment levels and allocations with direct line of sight to projects. Adjust project sequencing and budget levels to evaluate alternative plans as well as how portfolio benefits could be affected.

Robust and proven risk algorithm: Incorporate failure modes, end-of-life curves, and asset health and condition with criticality for direct linkage between assets and customers, normalized across all assets.

Geospatial visualization: Quickly absorb and communicate impacts of decisions to all asset stakeholders. Decrease the time spent planning and engineering projects.

Data-driven: Integrate with your existing data systems to create a business process. Includes several pre-built data cleansers to fill data gaps and provide results in months, not years.

“AssetLens will play a critical role in improving reliability and resiliency for our customers as part of our Sustainability Transformation Plan.”

Ryan Mulvany

Evergy senior director of operations analytics and support

Chris Underwood, 1898 & Co.
Bryan Claxton
Senior Product Manager

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