Victor Atkins

Director | Cybersecurity

About Victor

As a global director of executive advisory services for industrial cybersecurity, Victor is responsible for engaging with executive-level clients to deliver 1898 & Co.’s unique cybersecurity solutions and services tailored for critical infrastructure sectors.

Victor, who earned bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy, led and managed the cyber intelligence missions for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. He directed programs executed at the Department of Energy National Laboratories to discover and characterize sophisticated foreign cyber threats that have the potential to disrupt energy sector operations.

Victor has also served at the Central Intelligence Agency and the White House National Security Council, focused on countering both nuclear terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He was named as one of nine inaugural Nonresident Senior Fellows within the Atlantic Council’s Indo-Pacific Security Initiative, which works with U.S. allies and partner governments to develop programs and policies addressing security challenges in the region while finding opportunities for collaboration.

How Victor helps his clients
At 1898 & Co., Victor applies his experiences as a senior leader within the federal government to help our clients understand and address systemic cyber risks within their control system environments. He understands our clients' concerns and constraints and works directly with them to address the most pressing issues to secure their industrial control systems from emerging cyber threats.

What motivates Victor
Victor's career arc has tracked the most pressing threats to U.S. security, from countering terrorism, nuclear threats and, most recently, cyber threats to our nation's energy sector. He is passionate about bridging the gap between severe challenges and clients’ confusion about what next steps are, always following his desire to make the world a safe place and a prosperous one.

A little about Victor
A family man, Victor’s ideal day off would be spent engaging in something enriching for his two teenagers. A bucket list destination for Victor would be a scenic trip to Iceland to see the northern lights. While his favorite food is difficult to narrow down, he admits he would eat fried chicken every day if it weren't so unhealthy!


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