Todd Shutts

Director | Business Intelligence and Analytics

About Todd

Todd sums up his role at 1898 & Co. in four words: creating value from data. As director of the business intelligence and analytics team, he leads a team of specialists that help clients develop leading systems to solve challenges, from predicting the outcome of a new initiative to identifying the root cause of a pesky problem.

It’s a deceptively simple description for a complex — and important — initiative.

These days, Todd and his team are spending a lot of time on smart grid analytics, helping clients navigate the evolution of electrification. The changing landscape calls for analytics to predict adoption and system impacts and manage new operational complexity, combined with compelling insights and a clear translation of both.

How Todd helps his clients
Todd helps clients better understand and appreciate the value of their data and how it can be used to create new capabilities. He leads a team with deep domain knowledge, which allows them to provide context and add real value to any initiative. He describes their collective role as listening to problems, using the combined experience of 1898 & Co. to solve problems and innovate new solutions.

What motivates Todd
At the heart of it all, Todd enjoys breaking down problems, then building solutions. He also enjoys building technology and teams. “The application of technology to create outcomes — that’s what makes me tick,” he says.

A little about Todd
Todd graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in computer science and from the Executive Leadership Program from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family at the lake. Now that his children are grown, he’s busying himself with house projects that have been on hold for 20-plus years. When he’s not fixing something around the house, he enjoys putting a dent in his healthy wine collection.


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