Tiffany LaFleur

Director | Technology Consulting

About Tiffany

Tiffany, a visionary director at 1898 & Co, specializes in orchestrating professional services that encompass the entire spectrum of business transformation. With an expansive scope ranging from project management and assurance to risk management solutions, Tiffany's skills and experience extend to engineering and project data solutions, analytics and an array of other critical domains. She earned her engineering degree from Texas A&M, a foundation of her journey spanning over two decades across energy, utilities and consulting realms.

How Tiffany helps her clients
Tiffany flourishes as a driving force behind the scenes, where her clients take center stage. Her role, as she puts it, is to make her clients "look good," advocating for their interests and delivering results that exceed expectations. Instead of imposing technology, she meticulously delves into the current operating context, unraveling hidden needs and opportunities before moving forward. Tiffany thrives off innovation at 1898 & Co., exposing her clients to transformative methods that catalyze their business operations.

What motivates Tiffany
Tiffany’s motivation is rooted in service and in the art of leaving her clients beaming after every engagement. Tiffany empowers her clients to achieve success while using ethical decision-making. For Tiffany, listening is a profound process of deconstructing and reconstructing the puzzle, seeing that every piece fits seamlessly. Her commitment lies in making her clients feel championed and as a vital member of a team.

A little about Tiffany
Tiffany’s ideal day off involves spending time at the beach with her husband, kids and their dog. She is an outdoorsy individual who continues to seek out new, exhilarating experiences. Tiffany played volleyball and enjoys bike riding, softball, water skiing, rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding. An unapologetic adrenaline junkie, she finds solace in the thrill of living life to the fullest.


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