Tapsi Puri

Managing Director | India

About Tapsi

It’s no surprise that when 1898 & Co. needed a leader to build its presence in India, the company selected Tapsi. Known for her perseverance, Tapsi didn’t let the pandemic and a stalled move from Kansas City to India slow her down. Instead, working thousands of miles from Mumbai, she started building a talented, nimble team. In pure Tapsi fashion, she didn’t see the pandemic as an obstacle. She saw it as an opportunity. “Top talent was being let go by other companies,” she said. “So, we hired them.”

Now, Tapsi lives in India, leading a quickly growing team of 41 members who provide round-the-clock support for business, technology and cybersecurity projects for clients with critical infrastructure.

How Tapsi helps her clients
With over 15 years of industry experience and a background in computer science and software development, Tapsi has a deep understanding of her clients’ needs, so she focuses on hiring a team with diverse skill sets who can tackle a range of challenges. No matter what she is working on — from software development to feasibility studies — her primary focus is quality. She wants every project her team touches to be the highest quality possible.

What motivates Tapsi
Tapsi is motivated by the overall vision and goal of 1898 & Co. and how it can help clients undergoing transformations in their industries. She loves knowing where the team is heading and helping them get there. Tapsi excels at strategic advising, tactical planning, recruiting key hires and integrating distributed teams. She is a decisive leader, experienced with long-range planning, key partnership development, organizational restructuring that drives global expansion and financial growth. She also loves the camaraderie and friendships that have developed over the years — and showing up for her peers (and creating more leaders) is incredibly motivating.

A little bit about Tapsi
Tapsi lives in Mumbai with her husband and son. She was born and raised in India. After earning her bachelor’s degree in computer science there, she attended the Illinois Institute of Technology for her master’s degree. Her U.S.-born family has had to make some adjustments moving from the Midwest to Mumbai, but they’re loving it. And for Tapsi, one of the best parts of coming home is the food. “It’s incredible,” she says.


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