Steven Berens

Senior Consultant | Management Consulting

About Steven

As a senior change management consultant at 1898 & Co., Steven aids clients in aligning programs to strategy. By understanding the thinking and behaviors behind vision, mission and values, he helps companies successfully implement their most complicated projects.

Steven received his MBA with a double concentration in organizational design and marketing from Drexel University. He has experience elevating organizational performance through comprehensive strategic, operational, management and procedural initiatives across a variety of industries. Throughout his career, Steven has worked with leading companies in supply chain and logistics, healthcare, financial services and retail worldwide.

How Steven helps his clients
Steven has over 25 years of experience delivering and implementing culture-shifting solutions and working in change management, strategy and planning, operations, systems integration, training design and project management across multiple industries. Steven helps clients work through obstacles and resistance as a result of organizational change, by guiding them through how change presents itself. Working with his clients to understand behaviors and tie project tactics to strategy, he helps organizations successfully evolve and engage people throughout the entire project to sustain changes over time. Whether assisting with project onboarding or coaching leaders on strategy, Steven brings a history of change management, cultural transformation, enterprise strategy, business architecture and operational planning experience.

What motivates Steven
Steven thrives in organized chaos. He thoroughly enjoys coaching leaders and helping them deliver outside of their comfort zone by mentoring and coaching in a deliverable-based manner.

A little bit about Steven
Steven is eager to go to Australia for his next getaway to accomplish a bucket list experience: cage swimming with great white sharks. Snakes, however, induce fear. He enjoys playing baseball and has played at the semiprofessional level. Steven also volunteers with the American Historical Theater in Philadelphia, where he has served as the chairman of the board of directors and is currently chair emeritus. 


People, Culture & Change

Process & Performance Management