Steve Dresie

Senior Managing Director | Technology Consulting

About Steve

Steve’s entire career has focused on how businesses leverage technology to improve performance, maximize value and work smarter. From his early days of building and selling software to his current role leading 1898 & Co.’s technology consulting arm, Steve has worked to link the solution to the strategy, promoting alignment around a common vision that delivers valuable outcomes.

After graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in computer science, he worked for an enterprise software product company, leading teams through a period of rapid evolution before moving to one of the best-known leadership development companies in the world, where he led a global product line for their digital division. In his current role, Steve leads the software and technology consulting practice, helping clients plan, implement and optimize their technology investments.

How Steve helps his clients
One of Steve’s key strengths is the ability to help clients balance where they are today with where they need to be in the future. He brings a sharp vision to each engagement, helping clients and team members avoid “shiny-object syndrome” and focus on how to turn opportunity into reality. He blends his deep technical knowledge with his natural ability to coach and mentor to bring people together around a common goal.

What motivates Steve
Nothing makes Steve happier at work than a problem in need of a solution, especially if the stakes are high. “I don’t mind the stress,” he says. “We work on things that are important and have an impact on our community.” For Steve, the opportunity to tackle problems with broad reach is incredibly motivating.

A little bit about Steve 
Steve’s passport is packed — his travels have taken him around the globe — so these days, he’s content to stay close to home, spending time with his family. A good weekend will include a round of golf, cooking over a hardwood fire and, when the weather’s warm, a frosty beverage with close friends.


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Published Work

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