Seth Johnstone

Client Engagement Director

About Seth

With over 18 years of experience in the utilities and GIS industry, Seth has established himself as a leading figure in delivering technology-driven solutions for water industry challenges. Throughout his career, he has successfully guided numerous utilities in transforming their operations through the sale and coordination of large-scale technology projects.

Seth's journey began with a degree in anthropology, which led him to pursue a career as an Underwater archaeologist. During this time, he gained valuable insights into stormwater and wastewater work, developing a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry. Motivated to expand his knowledge and impact, Seth went on to obtain an MBA and subsequently served as the head of sales for Esri's major water and wastewater utility accounts for the past decade.

Seth's portfolio includes transformative initiatives such as overhauling field operations for two of the largest water utilities in the United States, facilitating the migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud for a prominent investor-owned utility, and architecting and upgrading robust IT infrastructure to support 1,000+ users of multiple enterprise GIS systems. Additionally, Seth has played a key role in supporting the planning and migration of legacy GIS systems to Esri's Utility Network for multiple large water utilities.

How Seth helps his clients
In his client engagements, Seth takes great pleasure in collaborating with organizations to understand their unique challenges and align them with the comprehensive services offered by 1898 & Co. Combining a technology-driven mindset with an understanding of the water industry's challenges, he identifies potential solutions and synthesizes the capabilities required to address industry-specific needs. Seth's commitment to transparency and client success underscores his approach to every engagement.

What motivates Seth
Seth is driven by the thrill of tackling challenges head-on. He finds motivation in having a team of skilled resources to rely on, knowing they will deliver precisely what the customer needs and more. His unconventional approach to thinking and problem-solving fuels his passion for continuous improvement and innovation.

A little about Seth
Beyond his professional endeavors, Seth maintains a love for scuba diving, stemming from his previous career as an Underwater archaeologist. During his downtime, he enjoys playing music, particularly strumming the guitar and jamming with his band. One of his aspirations is to embark on an adventure-filled journey to a distant location. 


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