Sarah Cisper

Managing Operations Director

About Sarah

​As a managing operations director for 1898 & Co., Sarah focuses on strategic initiatives where she drives business growth, builds a collaborative culture and sets responsibilities for everyone to deliver together.

Sarah attended the Colorado School of Mines, where she studied civil engineering. While in school, she fell in love with the power industry and critical infrastructure, so she dove headfirst into opportunities to help build the grid. After several years working as an engineer on transmission projects, she moved into the business operations side with a focus on improving processes and driving adoption of advanced technology to support continued growth.

How Sarah helps her clients
Sarah is focused on getting an entire organization to work together toward a business outcome and navigating a structure to get everyone rowing in the same direction. In her role, she works with teams across 1898 & Co. to develop and optimize their offerings to provide the most beneficial services to critical infrastructure clients. Those offerings are delivered by people, and Sarah focuses on developing people to meet client needs.

What motivates Sarah
Sarah enjoys tackling problems that are personal for people. She understands that she can’t make things perfect, so she allows herself grace in a high-stress, high-stakes industry. Every now and then Sarah will step back and reflect on how she’s doing everything she can to make employees’ and clients’ lives better. She prioritizes being transparent with colleagues and clients to develop reliable connections.

A little bit about Sarah
An ideal day off for Sarah involves sleeping in, enjoying a nice cup of coffee and getting outside to be active with her three kids and husband, who is in the construction industry. One of her passions is gardening because it’s so complex and there is a mix of success and failure. Once the gardening is complete, you can usually find Sarah enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends.


People, Culture & Change

Process & Performance Management

Infrastructure Modernization

Emerging Energy Advisory

Transmission & Distribution Planning