Rick Mena

Managing Director | Oil, Gas and Chemicals Consulting

About Rick

Rick earned his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Houston, so it may seem surprising that he ended up serving as the managing director of 1898 & Co.’s oil, gas and chemical clients. But Rick has spent his career consulting global and regional petroleum markets on everything from strategy development to market research.

He first entered the field as a market consultant, then moved to sales and business development as he showed an acumen for business creation. Rick was 1898 & Co.’s first hire in its oil, gas and chemical consulting division, charged with building out the department. He and his team spend a fair amount of time helping clients transition to decarbonized energy, creating pathways and breaking into new market dynamics.

Rick’s global consulting experience has prepared him for his dual role leading 1898 & Co.’s international business. He seeks opportunities for the company in the Middle East, U.K., Canada, Latin America and Europe.

How Rick helps his clients
Rick understands that the foundation of any successful initiative is trust. He knows clients need skilled strategists and talented technical professionals, but without trust a project can flounder. He helps build that network of trust with clients so they can proceed with an open, transparent dialogue about the work at hand.

Another important part of Rick’s work is helping clients understand their identity and role in the emerging landscape. Energy companies face unprecedented change and challenges, and Rick helps them see their place in the evolving landscape.

What motivates Rick
Above all, Rick is motivated by his team. As a leader, he’s committed to nurturing their talent, helping them meet their career aspirations and helping them realize their full potential as professionals.

A little bit about Rick
Because he spends a lot of time in the air — his role requires a lot of travel — his favorite way to spend a day off is to hang out with his two daughters and let them dictate the agenda. When he’s not doing that, he likes to garden. Because most of his projects are multiyear, he appreciates the fact that gardening projects have a clear — and relatively short — time frame.


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