Rajiv Singhal

Director | Management Consulting

About Rajiv

As a director at 1898 & Co., Rajiv leads the zero emissions transportation team, working with electric utilities and fleet owners to develop strategies for reducing transportation emissions and preparing utilities for the increasing number of electric vehicles.

Rajiv attended M.D. University in India, where he studied electronics and communications engineering, before earning his MBA at Santa Clara University. Starting in consulting, he worked in India and the United Kingdom before moving to the United States, helping various organizations implement leading technology strategies to manage their product and service portfolios. With his technological experience, Rajiv worked for several startup companies in the Bay Area developing and deploying advanced Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and cloud technology for fleet operators. In his current role, he focuses on zero emissions and clean technologies in the transportation and energy sectors, including helping a utility client develop a plan to completely electrify the work fleet by 2030.

How Rajiv helps his clients
Rajiv brings holistic experience in software, hardware, IT and security. When he consults with clients, he can bring together all the challenges that they are likely to face to provide a plan that is set up for real-world success and not based on theories alone.

What motivates Rajiv
When Rajiv looks at the bigger picture and sees the work his team is doing, he knows that it is making the planet a better place to live for generations to come. Being in a position to help drive the adoption of leading zero emissions technology and seeing clients be successful with these large initiatives is what keeps him going every day.

A little bit about Rajiv
As a resident of California, Rajiv takes advantage of the beautiful weather, spending as much time outdoors as possible. When not outside, he enjoys writing poetry and volunteering in his local community when he gets a chance.


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