Preety Mathema

Section Manager | Grid Modernization and Distribution Planning

About Preety

As a section manager at 1898 & Co., Preety leads a team of distribution planners to help electric utilities address their electric distribution challenges. With a broad range of experience in electric distribution systems, she is passionate about building long-lasting client relationships through successful project delivery.

Preety received her bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Nepal and went on to get a master’s in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University. She also has an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Preety has been involved in executing and leading electric distribution system planning studies and performing operational tests of various smart grid systems, including grid-connected batteries.

How Preety helps her clients
With her wealth of experience, Preety thrives on helping clients address their most complex distribution planning challenges. A leader at 1898 & Co., she is able to bring together experienced teams from across the company to move the industry forward.

What motivates Preety
Making an impact on the community and world is at the root of Preety's motivation outside and inside the workplace. Growing up with frequent blackouts affecting the country, she was driven to specialize in the power industry and distribution planning to help move the industry forward. Preety is also involved in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within the company to assist 1898 & Co. in being a catalyst for change. She serves as the liaison for the Burns & McDonnell Network of Women to help recruit, retain and grow opportunities for women across the company.

A little bit about Preety
An ideal day off for Preety involves spending quality time with her family, dancing and cooking traditional Nepali dishes such as momo. She enjoys traveling back to Nepal frequently to visit family. A fan of the beach, she will use any opportunity for a vacation to travel to a tropical location and spend countless hours soaking up the sun.  


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