Pradeep Tripathi

Section Manager | Transmission Planning & Power Systems Analysis | Houston

About Pradeep

​As a section manager at 1898 & Co., Pradeep helps the power industry develop transmission planning solutions to solve challenging industry problems.

Pradeep attended Tribhuvan University in Nepal, where he studied electrical engineering, and then went on to earn his master’s in electrical engineering from South Dakota State University specializing in power systems analysis. Starting with a leading power system software provider, he gained experience with dynamic models for transmission system planning. Since 2016, he has supported clients across the country on North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) compliance studies, generator interconnection studies and short circuit analysis, among other transmission planning work.

How Pradeep helps his clients
With over a decade of transmission planning experience, Pradeep brings critical insight to his projects. Combining his system planning background, regulatory experience and industry knowledge, he helps clients complete their most challenging projects and sees that they are set up to be successful in the future. Pradeep works closely across clients’ organizations to understand their current situation and how he can help design solutions that work for their specific needs.

What motivates Pradeep
Team effort is a huge motivating factor for Pradeep. The support of his teammates and the collaboration that occurs across the organization pushes him to excel in his work. Having the opportunity to work across multiple ISOs and clients, he enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge that helps the industry move forward and be successful as it undergoes a massive energy transition.

A little bit about Pradeep
Pradeep enjoys spending time with his daughter or working outside in his garden. A few of his hobbies include biking and running as well as playing casual sports like soccer, volleyball and table tennis.


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