Pam Lemoine

Senior Project Manager

About Pam

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Pam helps water, stormwater and solid waste clients across the U.S. balance complex financial needs while addressing customer affordability concerns. She attended the University of Illinois, where she earned her degree in engineering and achieved her professional engineering license in civil engineering. She began her career in the Midwest as a financial consultant completing financial planning, cost of service and rate design studies. Over time has worked with clients across the U.S. in increasingly senior roles. Her career has encompassed water and wastewater utility work, as well as consulting in the solid waste industry. Pam has a background in rate studies, cost of service studies, affordability analysis, financial capability assessments, facility/program feasibility studies and benchmarking, efficiency studies, and organizational assessments.

How Pam helps her clients
Pam aims to develop relationships with clients to ultimately conduct studies and projects to help solve their needs. Due to the different challenges that the utility industry is facing from regulations to aging infrastructure, Pam wants to help strengthen clients’ utilities so that they are financially strong and resilient in addressing the complex challenges they are facing.

What motivates Pam
The importance of water in society is the immediate motivation for Pam and her team. She thoroughly enjoys helping utilities solve the most pressing issues faced within the industry through the services offered at 1898 & Co. Pam believes in actively listening to clients’ needs in order to develop solutions that overdeliver what we promise.

A little about Pam
Several years ago on a whim, Pam enrolled in an intro to pottery class and quickly discovered how enjoyable it is to create something from a ball of clay. Pottery provides her with a great way to relax and disengage from the daily tasks of work and life for a bit. She also enjoys gardening as well as taking care of her growing collection of house plants, specifically orchids.


Business Case Assessment

Rate Design

Financing & Forecasting