Omar Awaad Hussein

Director | Cybersecurity

About Omar

As a director at 1898 & Co., Omar brings his extensive skills and experience in industrial cybersecurity to analyze complex technical and business problems with a strong focus on effective communication and evaluation. With a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree in power systems from Dalhousie University, as well as an executive MBA from the University of Colorado, Omar has cultivated a diverse skill set throughout his career. Omar is a registered professional engineer.

Over his 17 years of professional experience, Omar has held various engineering and leadership roles, ranging from site commissioning and construction engineer to engineering project manager to department director across the oil and gas, chemicals, and electric utility industries. Throughout his journey, he has recognized the critical importance of safety in design, which ultimately led him to specialize in the cybersecurity industry.

How Omar helps his clients
Omar and his team firmly believe that cybersecurity is an essential need rather than a mere want. Acknowledging the significance of clients’ valuable personnel and assets that require protection, Omar is fervently dedicated to adopting a proactive stance in safeguarding their safety and security. His goal is to support clients from a comprehensive perspective, safeguarding their businesses against all potential threats. From more than just a safety and financial impact, Omar understands that poor cybersecurity practices can have detrimental effects on clients’ reputations, rendering them unreliable and insecure. Therefore, he is committed to assisting clients in establishing resilient systems that sustain and empower business continuity and overall success.

What motivates Omar
Omar perceives the cybersecurity industry as a complex game of 3D chess, where the threat is persistent and ever-evolving. He finds motivation in the continuous pursuit of staying ahead of these threats and safeguarding clients' interests. Omar takes immense pride in seeing that clients are secure and achieve their vision of a resilient ICS environment, viewing it as his responsibility to help them sleep better at night. By leveraging his skills, experience and proactive mindset, he aims to meet and exceed his clients’ standards and expectations.

A little about Omar
On a day off, Omar cherishes quality time spent with his family, engaging in activities such as playing soccer with his son or enjoying a beauty makeover from his daughters. As for his travel aspirations, Omar dreams of visiting Bora Bora. When it comes to food, Omar enjoys Mediterranean cuisine, especially the dishes prepared by his mother.


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