Nathan Brown

Senior Enterprise Architect | Enterprise System Integration

About Nathan

As a senior enterprise architect at 1898 & Co., Nathan helps clients assess where their technology is today, where they want it to be in the future and how to get there.

He helps clients manage technical systems holistically, a crucial task for any enterprise. Specifically, he works with clients to integrate operational technology with information technology, giving them access to actionable data from across the enterprise. The result: clients have deep analytics, clean data and the ability to make far more effective decisions.

How Nathan helps his clients
Nathan’s background is highly technical. He has degrees in computer science and engineering management from Missouri University of Science and Technology and an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. But he’s been in the field long enough to know that it’s the people part of the equation that can make or break a project. His natural patience and affinity for planning ahead help him navigate the culture and politics of change. He breaks down silos, brings people together and helps them work more efficiently.

What motivates Nathan
For Nathan, working on world-changing initiatives like wildfire mitigation, heat management or reducing carbon emissions gets him up and running every morning. He sees the connection between his work and building community resiliency and he enjoys being part of that.

A little bit about Nathan
If you ever want to talk RVs, reach out to Nathan. He loves camping in his RV on weekends with his family. And, now that his daughter is looking toward college, Nathan may have more time to travel.


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Published Work

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