Mike Rutkowski

Managing Director | Great Lakes Region

About Mike

Mike is managing director of the Great Lakes Region for 1898 & Co. With a background spanning over three decades across energy and infrastructure sectors, Mike's mission is to guide businesses toward operational excellence by harnessing the power of innovative technologies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northwestern University. Mike's dual focus rests on driving client growth and nurturing the expansion of the Great Lakes team.

How Mike helps his clients
Mike steps into his clients’ shoes to understand their unique environments, intricacies and challenges. Mike rallies diverse talents to the table, uniting resources from across the entire enterprise of 1898 & Co. His commitment lies in translating clients' visions into actionable solutions. Honesty and integrity are the principles that form the bedrock of his partnerships.

What motivates Mike
Mike wants to shape the industry's trajectory toward a low-carbon future. Recognizing the pivotal role of clients in driving this transformation, he's fueled by the notion of accelerating their journey, fostering speed and scale with minimized risks. Simultaneously, he's passionate about cultivating a dynamic team, nurturing members’ growth and capabilities to elevate them as trailblazers within the organization.

A little about Mike
An ideal day off for Mike is one with cherished family moments. Beyond that, he enjoys swimming, sailing and skiing. His ultimate travel destination is the Alps, beckoning him for an unforgettable skiing adventure. Mike admits to having a sweet tooth, especially for his mother's chocolate chip cookies, a guilty pleasure he's indulged in over 11,000 times.


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