Matthew Lind

Director | Resource Planning and Market Assessments

About Matthew

In his role as a director at 1898 & Co., Matthew provides market assessments and resource planning for a range of clients in the utilities industry. He leads a team of specialists helping utilities complete detailed integrated resource plans, lead resource procurement and evaluations for future generation capacity and evaluate the most cost-effective transmission expansion plans resolving energy congestion and curtailment. Matthew also leads stakeholder engagement related to these services.

Matthew has a degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. That combined knowledge base, along with his extensive experience, helps him work with clients on a range of initiatives, from specializing in system planning to market congestion studies.

How Matthew helps his clients
Matthew doesn’t view what he does as “work” — it’s too much fun, he says — so he brings passion and appreciation to every project. He helps his clients understand every step of the process with clear, transparent communication. Matthew has found that good communication builds a strong foundation and from there, any problem can be solved. He brings that skill to every client project, along with a deep appreciation for the value of data-driven decision making.

What motivates Matthew
Matthew’s motivated by working with talented people drawn together to solve a problem. With the industry shifting toward decarbonization, he is motivated by helping his clients continue to navigate the changes successfully.

A little bit about Matthew
With two young children at home, Matthew’s spare time is focused primarily on family. However, when possible, he enjoys indulging in a round of golf or two with his friends. He has two items on his travel bucket list: to travel the Midwest touring national parks with his kids and traveling to Australia or Fiji sans kids.


Infrastructure Modernization

Capital Asset Planning

Strategic Asset Management

Transmission & Distribution Planning

Regulatory Support

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