Lee Orrison

Principal Consultant | Creative Consulting

About Lee

As a visionary leader, Lee is known for his skills and experience in providing innovative solutions and insights into complex stories. He gathers critical ideas and perspectives through facilitation, enabling decision-makers to gain valuable insights and trends that inform their strategic decisions. Lee's deep understanding of visual expression and design thinking, coupled with his background in fine arts, empowers him to ask the right questions and navigate challenging issues.

How Lee helps his clients
Lee crafts impactful reports, templates and presentations that tell compelling stories. Central to his role is the art of understanding what individuals truly need to communicate and how to connect them with their audiences. He excels in facilitating workshops that foster alignment within teams, seeing that every voice is heard. As a bridge between clients and customers, Lee plays a pivotal role in helping clients convey their messages clearly and convincingly.

What motivates Lee
Lee’s driving force is his passion for empowering individuals and organizations to tell their stories effectively. He thrives on simplifying complex concepts and seeing that the right message resonates for the intended audience. Lee's curiosity and genuine interest in understanding his clients' struggles enable him to uncover their true challenges. His love for meeting new people fuels his desire to build strong connections and create meaningful solutions.

A little about Lee
Lee is a dedicated family man, actively supporting the activities of his four children. Lee constantly immerses himself in learning through tutorials, books and the world around him to continue learning new things and improve his skills set. His ideal snack combo is Code Red Mountain Dew and Haribo Gummy Bears. Lee’s diverse talents include swing dancing, card tricks, juggling and occasional woodworking projects.


People, Culture & Change

Process & Performance Management

Strategic Asset Management