Lee King


About Lee

Lee is a technology executive and director at 1898 & Co., specializing in the utilities industry for over 25 years. With a strong focus on transmission and distribution operations, smart metering, and customer care, Lee brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned solution architect and delivery lead for large-scale transformational programs.

With a degree in electrical engineering and a master’s in power system engineering, Lee has a comprehensive understanding of various facets within the field. His knowledge and experience ranges from designing SCADA systems to implementing energy management and power systems applications. During his time at Accenture, Lee played a pivotal role in establishing the transmission and distribution practice while leading the successful delivery of smart meter programs.

How Lee helps his clients
Lee's unwavering commitment lies in leveraging 1898 & Co.'s capabilities to help clients unlock new opportunities. Fluent in the language of technology, he seamlessly combines his deep engineering and operational knowledge with a focus on utilities. This unique blend allows Lee to bridge the gap between technological advancements and the specific needs of the utilities industry.

What motivates Lee
Lee is motivated by a genuine desire to support clients in maintaining the safe, reliable and optimal generation and delivery of electric energy. Through active listening, Lee can truly understand the challenges and requirements, then foster a collaborative environment that leads to the development of innovative solutions across industries.

A little about Lee
A time well spent for Lee involves doing any sort of outdoor activity with his family. A destination he wants to travel back to is Ireland for its renowned breakfast. Adding to his guilty pleasures, he enjoys savoring any and all desserts that his wife bakes. Additionally, Lee prides himself in being a good movie critic!


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