Kyle Haas

Project Manager | Generation Consulting

About Kyle

Kyle graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado-Boulder and earned an MBA with a specialization in finance from the University of Colorado-Denver. Before joining 1898 & Co., he worked as a vice president of asset management for an independent power producer as well as an equipment reliability and development engineer at one of the largest investor-owned utility companies. Now, he spends his days helping clients understand asset risks, maximize their resources and optimize their assets to achieve their strategic goals.

How Kyle helps his clients
Kyle and his team help clients develop, optimize and acquire large infrastructure projects. He has experience supporting large portfolio and single project acquisitions by conducting technical, contractual, environmental and financial model reviews. He also has supported the development of technologies such as simple cycle, combined cycle, wind, solar, battery storage, data center and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from conceptual design, which brings a unique perspective to how specific assets can be redeveloped.

What motivates Kyle
First and foremost, Kyle is motivated to help his clients. He enjoys helping navigate a complex situation and making his client successful at the end of the day. Kyle is also motivated by the growth and success of the people on his team, which is driven by the success of the clients they serve. 

A little bit about Kyle
Kyle lives and works in Colorado, so he spends his spare time taking advantage of the great outdoors: backcountry skiing, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and camping. If it’s outdoors, he’s game. When he’s not outdoors, he enjoys brewing beer and woodworking.


Infrastructure Modernization

Strategic Asset Management