Kyle Combes

Project Manager | Resource Planning and Market Assessments

About Kyle

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Kyle specializes in economic and engineering analyses for electric generation and transmission assets.

Kyle attended the University of Kansas, where he studied mechanical engineering. There, he interned with a large investor owned utility construction group, sparking his interest in the power industry. In his current role, Kyle focuses on helping power clients find the right solutions that balance reliability, costs and environmental stewardship. Working with clients across the country, he has helped develop numerous resource plans and economic transmission projects.

How Kyle helps his clients
Kyle helps clients understand the most effective way to balance multiple competing interests as they develop their resource plans. He emphasizes building close relationships so he can truly understand the client’s challenges and priorities to provide an actionable short-term plan that helps them achieve their long-term goals.

What motivates Kyle
Seeing the influence his work has on the future of the power generation market keeps Kyle motivated every day. Completing robust analysis to reveal a defensible position — one lacking open holes and unanswered questions — is an exciting challenge and lets him get into the details on every project he leads.

A little bit about Kyle
An ideal day off for Kyle is spending quality time with his family, going on family walks or just being able to hang out together. A bit of a gearhead, he has a history of flipping cars and usually has a couple projects laying around the house that keep him busy.


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